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Don Adán Coffee Farm

Who is Don Adán Coffee?

Don Adán Coffee is a family dedicated to the complete coffee experience.

From plantation to cup, our beans are grown, roasted and brewed by the Barrios family.

The Barrios family has been growing and trading coffee for over 140 years. The 100% SHG (Strictly High Grown) Arabica beans are imported directly from the family’s plantation in Marcala, Honduras and roasted in Sydney, Australia by our roast master Gerardo Barrios. We produce three unique blends of coffee, Don Adán Blend, Exotic Sundried and Marcala. These are available through our retail outlets; Don Adán Coffee House and Don Adán Coffee too, or by direct order through our contact page.

From Plantation to Cup

Each cup of award-winning Don Adán coffee contains over 140 years of passion. Each coffee bean has passed through the hands of the Barrios family as it grows from seed and is harvested in Honduras before being roasted and served in Sydney.

Creating a high quality coffee is an intricate process. It begins with the careful preparation of the soil at the plantation and ends as a cup is served.

Before the seed is even planted, environmental factors such as altitude and climate are infusing the seeds with their own unique flavour. The coffee variety is chosen for quality and not yield. We prefer Pacamara and Bourbon. Like the grapes used for a vintage wine, coffee beans are fragile and must be carefully monitored to maintain quality control.

Don Adán coffee originates from the mountains of South-western Honduras, Central America in the region of Marcala’s. It is 100% SHG Arabica Estate Coffee.

SHG means Strictly High Grown, a highly sought after characteristic in coffee. As with a good wine, the best beans come from a high altitude as they mature slower and more thoroughly than the lower altitude varieties. This is particularly important in harvesting coffee, as the density of the bean is crucial during the roasting process.

Don Adán Coffee is unique. It is of single origin AND single estate and consists of handpicked 100% SHG Arabica Coffee.

The advantages of a single origin/single estate coffee are considerable; consistency and quality are guaranteed at every step throughout the production process as each bean is closely monitored.

We import our coffee raw (as ‘green’ coffee beans) and roast to order in Sydney. Essentially, the product is moved directly from producer to consumer.

From us to you.

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