Exotic Sun-Dried Blend

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Exotic Sun-Dried Blend

Single phase roasting
Best for espresso, drip/filter, or stove top espresso
Roast is light to high

This is for people who favour excitement over subtlety. The sundried blend is nutty, sweet and wild. It has the body of burgundy and a scent of ripe fruit with a unique aftertaste which pleases lovers of strong coffee.

The complexity of this cup is the direct result of the unwashed method; At the coffee mill, the beans are layed out on patios allowing the sun to dry the coffee cherry while the fleshy part of the fruit is still attached to the bean.

The result is a rich cup, complex in character, with a well balanced, heavy body and a chocolaty after taste.
The challenge for the roaster is to produce an even roast despite the different density of coffee beans.