Marcala's Flavour

We offer three blends, form light to dark, or green beans for those who like to roast their own. Choose your blend now

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Two phase roasting
Ideal For Plunger or cafetiere, drip filter or vacuum method
Roast: light to medium-dark

An unblended coffee for lovers of suave, fragrant flavours, with a medium to light body, yet stimulating and vibrant taste. The subtle, floral notes are a reflection of its rich acidity.

A single origin at its best, this coffee is grown at a high altitude, surrounded by banana and citrus trees and carefully washed in spring water.

It is then dried on patios and turned over a number of times every day, each bean is hand selected for its quality.
If you drink black coffee you may prefer this variety. It is the best way to appreciate the delicate flavours that a coffee can offer.