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Two phase roasting
Ideal For Plunger or cafetiere, drip filter or vacuum method
<b>Roast: </b>light to medium-dark

An unblended coffee for lovers of suave, fragrant flavours, with a medium to light body, yet stimulating and vibrant taste. The subtle, floral notes are a reflection of its rich acidity.

A single origin at its best, this coffee is grown at a high altitude, surrounded by banana and citrus trees and carefully washed in spring water.

It is then dried on patios and turned over a number of times every day, each bean is hand selected for its quality.
<b>If you drink black coffee you may prefer this variety. It is the best way to appreciate the delicate flavours that a coffee can offer.</b>

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Drip Filter, Espresso, Plunger/French Press, Stove Top, Turkish, Whole Beans


250 grams, 500 grams, 1kg bag


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