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We offer three blends, form light to dark, or green beans for those who like to roast their own. Choose your blend now

We make it simple at Don Adan, we have three blends for you to choose from: all from our award winning coffee beans, consistently scoring 92+ in cupping rankings.

You can order from, 500g or 1kg and you can select both your preferred blend and grind at the time of order.

For optimum Flavour We recommend you order  whole beans and grind at home, flavour is best preserved with the bean kept whole but If you prefer it, we will grind coffee to your requirements. We roast weekly.

Don Adan House Blend

Everyone’s all time favourite: a combination of washed beans and the natural processed or sundried.

(Cupping notes)

Roast is medium to high

This blend of sundried beans and spring-water washed beans result in an extremely sweet, mellow tasting flavour, with citrus aromatics.

The subtle balance of flavour and aroma, medium body and a well-balanced acidity has made Don Adán blend an award winner in both the national and international arenas. It possesses a smooth after taste that will ring like a bell in your mouth.

Marcala’s Flavour

An unblended coffee for lovers of suave, fragrant flavours, with a medium to light body, yet stimulating and vibrant taste.

(Cupping Notes)A single origin at its best, this coffee is grown at a high altitude, surrounded by banana and citrus trees and carefully washed in spring water. The subtle, floral notes are a reflection of its rich acidity.

It is then dried on patios and turned over a number of times every day, each bean is hand selected for its quality.




Exotic Sundried

A blend with a strong following, this is for people who choose excitement over subtlety.

(Cupping Notes)

The sundried blend is nutty, sweet and wild. A full body coffee, burgundy like with  a scent of ripe fruit with a unique aftertaste which pleases lovers of strong coffee.

The complexity of this cup is the direct result of the unwashed method, also knowns as Honey process.

Coffee cherries are laid out on patios allowing the sun to dry them while the fleshy part of the fruit is still attached to the bean.

The result is a rich cup, complex in character, with heavy body and a chocolaty after taste.